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Entertainment & Arts Technology Manufacturing & Retail
Our experience working with entertainment and arts companies spans filmed entertainment, music, television stations, professional sports, video games, comics, theme parks, performing arts, publishing, digital media, and cinema chains. We advise entertainment and arts companies on strategic issues such as international expansion, digital strategy and operational improvements, and help find a new venture opportunities. Innovations in technology have improved business operations at companies of all sizes and particularly supported small business' growth into a larger market. Rapidly changing technology has improved and impacted many aspects of a business and people's quality of life. In the most recent years, we helped a nano technology company to find international business partners and launched its business into the global market. Providing higher quality and lower costs is imperative for manufacturing and retail businesses. We support our clients on projects related to international expansion, market researching, venture opportunities, promoting systems, and management improvement. Examples from our previous experience include intoducing a leading innovative prototype manufacturing system to a global market.

Agriculture Tourism & Culture Education
To meet the major factor for the increase in world population growth, agriculture needs to produce more food and fibre to feed the growing population with smaller labour work and adopt more efficient and sustainable production methods. We support agribusiness companies on the challenges and opportunities created by growing global demand and help expand into global markets. We consult tourism and cultural government agencies and commercial organizations on promoting tourism for a given destination through maximizing marketing budget and reaching desirable audience in partnerships, selling destination to general public in trade shows, taking out ads in advertising and sponsoring events and giveaways in sponsorship. We help schools, school districts, and federal and state departments of education to improve missions, programs and processes, foster mutual understanding among countries by promoting personal and organizational ties, and provide prospective students on higher education opportunities to better prepare them to assume siginificant roles in an interdependent world.

Real Estate Charity  
Over the years, we have worked with global large-scale modern shopping mall developers to help drive better customer value, improve marketing strategies and retailer relationships, attract new visitors and foreign retailers, and implement a better customer environment to congregate, connect and engage with other people. Regardless of the scales of the charitable organizations, the act of helping others can create an improved sense of well beings and making a difference in communities. We help non-profit organizations to capitalize on opportunities to work with companies and government agencies to achieve mutual goals and missions, and improve their programs and operations.  
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